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Allira Nima is another of Agent Rilwen Shadowflame's recruits, coming from a Star Wars-verse AU. She is a Twi'lek and works in the Department of Finance.

Allira is also known by the birth name Allir'anima, but is nicknamed Alli by those close to her.

She is written by RilwenShadowflame, who requests that you ask her before using Allira in things.


A pale orange Twi'lek with darker orange eyes, Allira is fairly fit, but tends to wear clothing that covers her fairly extensively. She is of average height, with long, slim lekku, usually worn in a leather headdress with thin, closely spaced straps.


Allira is quiet, and almost painfully shy. She rapidly gets nervous around loud or boisterous people, especially male ones. Does not like physical contact from those she doesn't know, and dislikes crowds. She tends to speak very little around unfamiliar people.

Working with numbers calms her, which is why she is now in Finance, working there under the watchful and comforting eye of Ellen Jonas, who looks out for her in a distinctly motherly fashion.