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Alleb, not to be confused with Boarder!Alleb, is an agent in the Department of Floaters.

Agent Profile[]

Agent Alleb is a swordmaiden of Alleble (for those not versed in The Door Within, a knight of Alleble is basically a Christian, and "swordmaiden" is simply the word used for female knights). She fell through a plothole while on a routine patrol on the borders of Alleble and ended up at HQ. When she learned that she was the only Glimpse in the PPC, she cast aside her given name and took the name "Alleb," so that she would be known solely by her devotion to King Eliam. Little else of Agent Alleb's personal history is known at this time.


Agent Alleb is a Glimpse; she looks like an albino human, only her hair and eyes can be any color. Alleb has brown eyes and dirty blonde hair that is a little past her shoulders. She is almost uncomfortably muscular for a girl of eighteen, and her strength is nothing to laugh at. A peculiar feature of Glimpses is that their eyes will glint a certain color at odd angles. Alleb's eyes glint blue, signifying that she follows King Eliam. She has an accent that is something of a cross between Scottish and English, if the cross were done by a person who is clearly neither Scottish nor English.


Agent Alleb is generally genial and loves to laugh. She isn't stupid, but being a swordmaiden of Alleble conditions a person to use her strength just as much as, if not more than, her wits: in essence, she's a Strength-based character, not an Intelligence-based character. Although she is friendly overall, Alleb has more than one berserk button. Too much canon abuse or anyone disparaging her King will drive her over the edge.

Mission Reports[]

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