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Photo courtesy of jettstock.

Alice, formerly known as Quolful, is one of the mearas, a noble type of horse found in The Lord of the Rings. She is honey-colored and highly intelligent. She is a member of the Department of Floaters and lives in the Courtyard in the middle of HQ.

Alice first appeared as a Mary Sue's Cute Animal Friend and was supposed to be the "spawn of Shadowfax" despite the fact that Shadowfax is the last of the mearas. Agents Jay Thorntree and Acacia Byrd gave her a new life with the PPC, as well as a new name: her old one reminded Jay of the "gyre and gimble" and "slithy toves" of Lewis Carroll, hence Alice.

She was given the ability to speak telepathically by Makes-Things, who developed an injection of nanites to alter her nervous system. Due to her limitations as a quadruped, the Flowers made her a floater. She helps out on missions where someone requires the services of a horse.

Circa 2002, she aided Architeuthis by playing carthorse to Archy's alias "Nan Goatleaf," a peddler from Archet.

In 2008, she aided in the sporking of "Land Before Time: Littlefoot x Cera," and saved the life of Agent Montbretia from one of the Grandparent-Dino-Sues. In the 2008 Mary Sue Invasion, a Houyhnhnm Gary Stu tried to seduce her, but Agent Tadkeeta slew him.[source, please!]