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Not to be confused with Alec Trevelyan.
"Then She found the PPC. And She said to herself this would be a perfect place for Alec to be because he's already multifandom and a bit of a psycho and he loves traveling to different realities."
—Alec in the Sue Support Group

Agent Alexander Raven "Alec" Troven is an ex-Gary Stu in the Department of Improbabilities. He is written by Kippur (for whom he also serves as a muse).

Agent Profile[]

He is most notable in the PPC for his wife and partner Verra Rose, as well as being the one who was assigned to kill all versions of Marrissa Picard due to incidents involving Alec turning a badfic character into a pumpkin and freezing King Thranduil—at the behest of his wife, mind you.

Alec is oftentimes sent after Gary Stus because he is a Great Big Gary Stu himself. Which he cheerfully admits. Being self-admitting allows him to overcome most of the failings of it. It also helps that he can be a spaz at times and has the attention span of a gnat.

He is technically a canon character from Kippur's not-yet-published series, tentatively titled Alternates. Alec is extremely meta aware, and his agent self possesses knowledge of everything else the character of Alec has been, including Alternates canon, OC in older fanfiction, and even scenes edited out of previous drafts of stories.[2]


Kippur says that Alec looks like Orlando Bloom and it wasn't at all intentional. Specifically, he has brown eyes, dusky skin and messy black hair that's long enough to fall in his eyes often. Despite being ostensibly human, he has pointed ears, as well as a blue crescent-shaped tattoo surrounding his right eye, and covering from his forehead to his cheek.[2]

The PPC version of Alec is bisexual.

Alec with his daughter, Sari. Drawn by Kippur.


Alec is married to Verra Rose, although he also has romantic relationships with men. (Verra is okay with this, as long as it's only with men.)[3] The couple have a son, Braxious Troven, and a daughter, Sari Troven. As of 2006, Braxious was a preteen, and Sari was an infant.[4]

Alec was originally,[5] and again more recently,[6] partnered with Marc-C, with whom he does not get along well. He was also aware of an Alternates canon, Lorac Seriph, briefly spending time as a PPC agent. Alec still loves Lorac—unavoidably, as they are pelmara, mentally bound—but also hates him for murdering Verra and Braxious in an early draft of Alternates.[7] The mental bond is generally blocked by an empathic dampener,[8] which also protects Alec from feeling too much of the emotions around him in general.[9]

Alec considers Agent Irvine his best friend.[10] He has a pet fire-lizard named Trey[11] and Darth Mull, a mini-Rancor.[12] Alec tends to break the "no pets on missions" rule by bringing Trey into Dragonriders of Pern assignments.


As a Gary Stu, his powers are, "the ability to manipulate probability and reality," or "to do whatever I want." There is a long and convoluted story as to how he got these powers.

Unlike most PPC agents, Alec does not die permanently upon dying, but simply reincarnates as himself.[13] His very DNA is also fluid,[14] a trait he shares with Sues who pose as gratuitous family members of canons. He was temporarily the genetic son of Talia Nightsong and Dúros Black[15] after Talia served as an adoptive mother to a de-aged Alec.[16] His Stu powers allowed him to age back to normal rapidly, going from five or six on September 1[16] to nineteen on September 12.[15]

As a canon character, he is an element wizard, able to control all four elements.[17] He's powerful, but not very good at controlling the ones other than fire. This is because he never got training in anything but fire.

He also has a habit of accidentally teleporting in his sleep,[18] or after hiccuping.[9] This has left Alec with greater resilience against the negative affects of scene shifts than most agents. Additionally, he is capable of stepping through the Fourth Wall to get around obstacles inside a story.[19]

Alec uses his longsword, "Dragon Sword,"[20] as a channel for his powers and to stab people with. Its powers have been weakened for use in the PPC.[21] It's shiny and has a dragon etched on the blade.

Agent History[]

  • Alec joins the PPC and is partnered with Marc-C.
  • Marc-C disappears into a plothole while yelling at a cafeteria worker. Alec believes she has been cooked into meatloaf.
  • January 5: Verra goes on maternity leave. Alec is re-partnered with Marc-C.
  • May 2–4: This year's badfic game left Braxious ill and Alec paired with a LotR Sue.
  • June 20: Sari hatches.
  • July 24: Lorac leaves the PPC.
  • September: While temporarily assigned as the Willy Wonka Division, Alec is de-aged, and spends about half the month rapidly aging back to normal. He relearns how to control his fire powers by posing as a mutant student at Xavier's Academy.
  • July 12–16: In another round of PPC Badfic, Alec is romanced by a new recruit!Sue until Verra devours her. Then, he is romanced by Dafydd Illian instead.

Mission Reports[]

Homes: Alec's site, Alec's LiveJournal, Kippur's LiveJournal, Kippur's other LiveJournal and Alec's Twitter, which has been taken over by Russian spambots.

Partnered with Marc-C[]

Partnered with Verra[]

Re-Partnered with Marc-C[]

Journal Entries[]

Entries containing short stories, mentions of missions, or other major events are listed on this page for more convenient reading access.



A de-aged Alec as "Firestorm" at Xavier's Academy. Edited by Kippur.





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