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Alcohol is a flammable substance; outside of chemistry and science, it tends to refer to drinks that contain ethanol.

Some agents have a need to stay constantly drunk but don't necessarily need to forget anything. They rely on alcohol for this. There's not much else that can get you drunk, and the supply of Bleepka tends to be limited.

Alcohol should not be mixed with Bleeprin products, as the end result is quite explosive.

Where to Get It[]

There are a few places to acquire alcoholic beverages in HQ:

  • Rudi's is a large establishment with a stage, arcade games, and big screens for watching whatever happens to be on. It is known to get rowdier than usual when the World Cup or similarly important sporting events are on. Being a public house, it also serves food and non-alcoholic drink.
  • The PPC Bleepka Bar, run by a man called Dorf, unsurprisingly specializes in Bleepka and various cocktails made with it, but also serves regular (and not-so-regular) drinks.
  • The HQ Lounge contains a bar with a variety of drinks behind it. Sometimes there is someone there to run it, but otherwise it's self-serve. It keeps itself stocked, and you never quite know what you'll get if you reach in there without thinking about it.
  • The Pennacook Club is one of two private bars in Headquarters, and is a very nice place to relax with a drink... if you can get in.
  • The Chlorophyll Club is the place to go for Flowers - and Flowers only.
  • New Caledonia presumably has its share of bars, clubs and public houses, and is also home to the nightclub Aujourd’hui
  • The General Store, Small Murphy's shop, and the Rook Takes Pawnshop likely have drinks to sell, either in stock or acquired via barter.
    • The Inconvenience Store also carries alcohol, but only at whatever strength is most inconvenient for the agent hoping to acquire it.
  • Many other locations, such as upscale bistro Le Coeur Se Rappelle, the Rusty Scabbard, which is a favourite of many agents from fantasy continua, and the Watering Hole, which mostly caters to blood-drinking and otherwise nonhuman agents. It is also the only establishment known to cater to trolls in large numbers.
  • Of course, there is always HQ's lively black market.