Akasha was a Mary Sue slain by Agents Jay and Acacia. She appeared in a Lord of the Rings badfic.

Character History Edit

Akasha was a Tenth Walker Warrior!Sue who showed up at Rivendell with three companions, insulted Gimli, and fell in love with Legolas.

Charges Edit

Akasha was charged with "causing an unacceptable breach of canon, joining the Fellowship, altering the personalities of the canon characters, most ESPECIALLY Elrond, massacring Aragorn's name—that's A-R-A-G-O-R-N—and being a Mary Sue."

Character Demise Edit

Jay and Acacia had disguised themselves with Ringwraith robes after a short in the disguise generator caused them to turn invisible. After Acacia killed the bit characters at Rivendell, Jay challenged Akasha to single combat and then ran for her life while Acacia, invisible after having removed the Ringwraith robes, read the charge list and stabbed Akasha to death.

The body was given to the Crebain.

Mission Report Edit

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