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"Agony in Pink" is a torture fic written by a figure known only as "The Dark Ranger," and is widely considered to be among the ranks of Legendary Badfic. The full story (NSFW, NSFB) may be read as plain text archived by the Wayback Machine. Click at your own risk.

In this fic, Kimberly, the Pink Ranger from the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers by Saban, is captured and brutally tortured over the course of six parts by Lord Zedd, who had evidently (despite being a top-ranked member of a vast union of warlords) never heard of torture prior to that moment. That's actually the lead-in plot point of the story. And the word "brutally" is not used lightly here. At the end of the fic, the torture proves too much for Kimberly, and she dies.

Did we mention this was later revised and added to by the same author? Or that there's a sequel out there somewhere?

"Agony in Pink" was awful enough that it got the newsgroup it was originally posted on banned from the Real World country of Australia,[1] and to this day it still circulates on the Internet as an example of just how bad fan fiction can get. While relatively well-written (aside from the content), the story itself has some annoying tense-swapping at times, and Lord Zedd is rather clearly representing the author's internal fantasies:

Now all that was left was to choose a Ranger for torture, although that decision had, in fact, been made as soon as Zedd had first discovered torture. It would be Kimberly, the Pink Ranger. She stirred emotions and feelings in Zedd that he didn't quite understand.

Mission Status[]

A mission to "Agony in Pink" was completed on January 9, 2018, but it was later removed from continuity by its author, who no longer wishes to associate with the PPC for personal reasons. In-universe, the mission report is classified, but the fic is still dead, so another mission is not needed.


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