Aerilyn is an assassin in the Department of Mary Sues, Lord of the Rings Division. Her partner is Zera, and they live in Response Center 44. Both were written by Artemis.

Agent Profile Edit

Aerilyn is a former Mary Sue with silver hair and odd eyes, one blue and one green.

Although she is the junior agent, she seems to be the more responsible one in the partnership: she keeps track of the charge list even when Zera is writing it, she is the one to say no when Zera wants to kill the Sue too early, and she keeps watch and reads ahead in the Words while Zera sleeps. She also handles the remote activator, which Zera is not allowed to use since "things had not gone well" the last time. She keeps the pair's "shared" CD player, and rarely lets Zera borrow it (though Zera sometimes steals it).

One of her favorite canon characters is Aragorn, and she is almost rabidly defensive of him. She once flirted with Agent Dúros Black, but he suspected his partner Irvine may have put her up to it.[1]

She likes to curse in French, and can put on a convincing British accent.

Zera has a mini-Rancor, Oby-wan. Aerilyn is not a fan of it.

The pair were known to be active in 2004.[1][2] In April, the Oxford 2004 PPC Gathering caused a power outage in Headquarters, which hit just after they received their third mission. Since they entered the Word World while all the systems were down, they were briefly presumed missing or dead until Agents Talia and Halley came across them mid-fic. Aerilyn was not pleased at the interference, but they did save Zera from being trampled by an angry Sue-horse.

Mission Reports Edit

Home: Response Center 44 rehosted at PPC: The Lost Tales.

Partnered with Zera Edit

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References Edit

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