Admiral Pansy is the Head of the Department of Bad Parody. While in all likelihood he is probably not an admiral, he possesses all of the trappings of one. He wears a gaudy, out-of-date naval uniform covered with medals, punctuates his announcements and arrivals with a bosun's whistle, and is fond of saluting both agents and other Flowers. His name is also part of this performance, as he is not one of the Firstborn, having Awakened in Headquarters and been brought up in the Nursery. He is still not a young Flower, as he grew up there in the days before the Nursery was mostly responsible for agents' children. Many in the PPC consider him to be a little eccentric.

He is quite jovial in temperament and is considered to be one of the more approachable Flowers. His speech pattern is stereotypically British, with a lot of repeated 'righto' and 'dem fine' and 'wot wot.' By his own admission, this is a deliberate affectation, and he seems to tone it down when socialising with other Flowers as opposed to dealing with agents. He dislikes the Lichen's auditory resemblance to John Cleese, while the Lichen likewise finds Admiral Pansy's accent annoying.

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