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The Administration Department was one of the three original departments of the PPC. Headed by the Marquis de Sod, it has since been shut down.


The Admin Department was founded at the same time as the Organisation, in conjunction with the Infrastructure and Exploration Departments.[1] The Marquis de Sod was placed at its head, with the Sub Rosa and Tiger Lily placed under his authority.[1] Its remit included both true administration and intelligence gathering.

The first off-Origin rooms of Headquarters were designated as the Administrative Annexe, and given over to the Admin Department.[1] The Annexe included a pool.[1]


During the Civil War, the Department of Intelligence was spun off from the Admin Department as a 'wartime necessity'.[2] This provided a model for the later fracturing of the Admin Department (and its siblings Infrastructure and Exploration): it was renamed the Admin Division, with various departments under it.[3] The Department of Personnel maintains direct continuity of leadership with Admin, with other departments such as Finance having gone their own way.