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Adéle Bowen is a DoSAT technician. She is written by Voyd.

Staff Profile[]


Adéle is a very petite woman. She stands just barely over five feet tall, and she has a very slim build. She has purple hair, green eyes, and burn marks all over her arms. Her usual outfit consists of goggles and a coat. What she's wearing beyond that is unknown, because she's so small that the coat goes past her feet while flying (which is always).


Adéle is a habitual tinker; she can't help but mess with gadgets if she gets her hands on them. She's very energetic and happy-go-lucky, and she's a lover before a fighter. Her youkai immortality and inability to feel pain can make her rather careless, which is why her arms are usually covered in burn scars.

She almost always has a strange gizmo in her hands. This is mostly for something to do while idle; it's never completed. However, sometimes Adéle's fiddling gives it a temporary trick. She's also a lesbian, although her childlike appearance causes some to have second thoughts about dating her.


Adéle has very weak danmaku, comparable to stronger fairies (such as Daiyousei) from her home continuum. Most of her bullets have gear patterns, though she can also fire electrical arcs. Like most Touhouverse residents, she's capable of magical flight.

Her main youkai power is the ability to build. While youkai abilities can usually be creatively interpreted for abstract concepts, Adéle hasn't figured out all the nuances of her powers yet. She's very young for a youkai, so she lacks the time and experience to be truly powerful. So far, the only applications she knows are the straightforward one (building physical objects, thus her placement in DoSAT) and a very few abstract ones (building pain tolerance, building relationships and building things that can't be discussed in polite society).

As a youkai, Adéle cannot be permanently killed. Whenever she dies, she pops back into existence a few minutes later, none the worse for wear. As previously mentioned, this immortality does make her careless, making her a poor fit for an Action Department.