A Song of Ice and Fire is a series of fantasy novels written by George R.R. Martin. Five books have been written: A Game of Thrones, A Clash of Kings, A Storm of Swords, A Feast for Crows, and A Dance with Dragons. Martin plans to make two more books (though the number may increase): the sixth book in the series will be named The Winds of Winter and is planned to be finished by 2014, the seventh will be called A Dream of Spring.

Martin has declared A Song of Ice and Fire to be a quarantined continuum.

In CanonEdit

The majority of the story takes place in Westeros, a mythical continent based on Great Britain, and concerns the War of the Five Kings, a war between five kings, two declaring independence from the Seven Kingdoms (the country that makes up most of Westeros). The other three claim the throne of the Seven Kingdoms. The story also takes in the far north of Westeros, where a evil race known as "the Others", that have been asleep for thousands of years, have awoken. Another part of the story takes place outside of Westeros, in Essos, and focuses on the Targaryens, the former ruling family of the Seven Kingdoms. It is known for its extreme realism, and frequent displays of sex and violence. It has nothing close to Canon Sues, as all the characters have many flaws, in appearance and personality, even though some characters (arguably) have Cute Animal Friends, and Speshul Eyes.

The Iron ThroneEdit

The Iron Throne is the throne that the King of the Seven Kingdoms sits upon, it is made of one thousand melted swords, and is very uncomfortable. Though the throne itself is unimportant to the story, fighting for control of the Seven Kingdoms is called "fighting for the Iron Throne", which is what most of the story is about.

TV SeriesEdit

The books have been made into an HBO series called Game of Thrones, one book per season. Because it's HBO, there is even more sex and violence.

In FanficEdit

While Martin has requested that no fanfic be written about his works, there is sadly a fair amount of it, there being sections on the Pit for both the show and the book series. One can also find fanfic on the Circle, naturally it is all Suefic. The PPC does not do missions for these fics out of respect for Martin's wishes - in-setting, the creativity shield put over the continuum prevents any ASoIaF fanfic from affecting the canon in any way, rendering PPC efforts unnecessary.

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