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AJ Matthews is a particularly awful LOTR slashfic author. He [1] reduces Legolas to a weak, insufferable girly-thing in multiple fics. This author apparently knows no greater joy than to torture Legolas in order to set him up with someone unsuitable. He also writes all his stories set in that incarnation of Middle-earth where All Elves Are Gay, and apparently live in some sort of feudal or medieval society that allows them to have servants, slaves and prostitutes. OCs (bit characters mostly) and Designated Abusive Bastards (Boromir and Thranduil particularly) are rife in Matthews' fics.

One of these days Trojie really will sit down and systematically at least charge all of his fics. But there are so many of them, and they are so long and depressing, that she usually gets drunk on Bleepka before she can get through even half of one.

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  1. Agent Trojanhorse, who has made a study of these works and has declared AJ Matthews her Nemesis, believes that the evidence points to him being male