The A/V Division of the Department of Sufficiently Advanced Technology is headed by the Rose of Sharon. Its job is to record audio and video footage from the various worlds in which the PPC holds jurisdiction. Its flash patch is the letters "AV" superimposed over DoSAT's smoking swivel chair,[1] and its agents are known as A/V technicians.[2]

Description Edit

The A/V Division is home to the Cryptomusic Archive, located in a nearly forgotten corner of the bowels of Headquarters. It contains miles (this may or may not be hyperbole) of shelves, racks, hooks, and lockers for storing cassettes and other materials.[3] Special collections include Legendary Movies and the B.S. Johnson Collection of Improbable Sounds, containing such rare specimens as The Star Wars Holiday Special and the roar of a Balrog, respectively.[4]

A/V agents are routinely sent on collecting missions to record new samples for the Archive.[4] Occasionally, they may be press-ganged into working alongside agents from other divisions or departments on standard PPC work, or to operate on their own in roles normally handled by Action Departments if the need arises.[3]

Special Equipment Edit

The primary task of the A/V Division is to collect samples, and they have access to a wide variety of recording and playback equipment and other electronics to use. A selection from Adam and Frenchie's reports includes:

  • DA-98 digital multitrack recording device
  • DAT recorder and tapes
  • Digital camera
  • Digital video (DV) camera
  • Headphones
  • Microphones, various (e.g. boom, handheld, lavalier)
  • Paper-recording machine
  • Portable CD player
  • Speakers
  • Various wires and cables
  • Wizarding camera

History Edit

Originally its own department, it was later merged with DoSAT due to its tiny staff and technological inclination. The group name for its agents prior to the merge was "Geeks,"[3] but this has since changed. Its flash patch is also new as of the merger.

Known Staff Edit

  • Adam and Frenchie, the original Geeks, are the most famous A/V agents. They discovered and dealt with the notorious Balrog Sue, Harrow, in the course of collecting the aforementioned improbable roar.
  • Lexie and Travis are two other somewhat-known agents (credited as A/V technicians). They helped keep visual tabs on Slorp the Meatloaf Aberration during the 2013 Blackout.

Division Records Edit

Home: A/V Division Stories at PPC: The Lost Tales

Missions from this division are listed on the Complete List of PPC Fiction, Department of Sufficiently Advanced Technology, A/V Division.

References Edit

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