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"Madness? THIS. IS. SPARTA!" —Leonidas

300 is a fictionalized account of the three hundred Spartans who held the pass at Thermopylae against over a million Persian soldiers. It takes the form of a 1998 Frank Miller comic and its 2006 movie adaptation starring Gerard Butler. (They are pretty much the same, but the movie ironically has a lot more bolded Capslock of Rage than the one that's actually written down on paper.) They are remembered mostly for the one-liners.

There are also a pair of sequels to each. The comic Xerxes has not yet been published, but for some odd reason, the movie based on it, 300: Rise of an Empire was already released in 2014. They deal primarily with the Battle of Salamis.

While some aspects of the series are heavily fantastical and dramatized, the basic plot does follow the events of the actual engagement.

In BadficEdit

Considering this is canon filled with muscular men who spend most of the story shirtless, slash. Slash, slash, slash. So much slash. And they're Ancient Greek men, so it's not even a charge unless it's horribly written.

The notoriety of the movie and its great potential for parody also attract Trolls. But mostly slash. Hell, the Trolls are probably Slash Trolls, or something.

In the PPCEdit

Minis from 300 are mini-Immortals.

Agent Suicide, although formerly squire to a Spartan, is emphatically not from this continuum, but from Gates of Fire, another fictionalized account of the Battle of Thermopylae.

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