The Body-Swap Event was a role-play that took place over two threads on the Other Board from August 30 to October 16, 2015. It was started by JulyFlame. Sadly, the RP petered out before the story could properly conclude.

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In the middle of a normal Sunday night in Headquarters, Agents Sax and Day returned from a mission. They had with them a very not-normal body-swapping device, which they were taking to DoSAT because a) leaving it in the Word World could have allowed a sequel badfic to take place, and b) they were savvy enough to not want it in their RC. Unfortunately, they tempted the Ironic Overpower, and managed to drop the device (and themselves) down a flight of stairs.

The next morning, they—and many other residents of HQ—woke up to find themselves in bodies not their own. Unsurprisingly, chaos reigned for about a day, but finally, on Tuesday, some agents took it upon themselves to do something about the problem and started hunting for the cause. With Kayleigh Leonard in the lead, this went about as well as you might expect, but since HQ eventually got back to normal, they must have succeeded in the end.

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