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The Poison Joke Incident was a role-play event that took place on the Board from July 24 to 31, 2011. It was started by Kitsune106 and Laburnum.


The incident started when Agent Naomi wandered into a room full of fans and furnaces, apparently a central part of HQ's ventilation system, carrying a bag containing samples of the poison joke plant from the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. Why she had a bag full of poison joke is not clear, but when young Molly Rath decided to tackle her for laughs, the result was inevitable: the entire bag got sucked into a fan, distributing finely chopped poison joke throughout Headquarters. Shenanigans ensued.

Eventually, Agent Naomi noticed the recurring blue rashes on multiple people and minis, and the fact that most of the maladies related to the victim's personality in some way. The Royal Fanfiction Academy of Equestria was contacted at some point, and agents portalled in groups to the medical facilities there so Zecora could cure everyone with an herb bath.


This table includes all the characters known to be affected, and the joke the plant played on them, in order of their appearance through the thread. Note that Gandalf the Beige doesn't have Permission, so Agent Portia McSweeney doesn't appear outside this RP.

Character Effects
Valerie Christaki Became bald with a blue scalp rash.
Luxury Lost her . . . favorite "part."
Pompom Turned invisible.
Cheri Became carnivorous.
Luna Turned fully human.
Portia McSweeney Was dressed like a traditional wizard, complete with gender-bending beard.
Doc Eyes switched from near-sighted to far-sighted.
Vania Tolluk Spoke only in text boxes.
Gurgan Turned into a rooster.
Ally Malet Appearance changed to a Suvian Capitol citizen.
Grace Leon Hands became huge and clumsy.
Drake Reverted to Cute Animal Friend behavior.
Skyfire Fur turned pink with blue spots.
The Fisherman Got fish-like facial features and webbed hands.
Evie Turned into a personality core.
Amelia Keaton Turned into a telepathic cougar cub.
Ian Nahinu Hair turned to yarn.
MFPC Hair turned to fire.
KF Lost everything but her skeleton, but could still speak.
Kirill Became a female Selesnyan elf.
Caleb Cooper Constantly sparkled, even without sunlight.
Kestrel Grew human mammaries.
Ash Stuck standing on head.
Hope Constantly re-equipping objects over and over.
Artemis Crowley Could only speak in Parseltongue.
Jack Genderbent from Hunter to Witch
Molly Rath Feet became too heavy to walk with easily.
Moses Taggson Grew flight-capable wings.
Naomi Shrank down to five inches tall.
Laburnum Became happier and stupid to the point of self-caricature.
Foxglove Doubled in bulk.
Stormsong Lost his voice.
Adder Could only speak lolspeak in a high-pitched voice.
Deuce Opening his mouth played a song at dangerously high volume.
Marile Blue rash on scales.
221B Backer Street Glow turned pink.
Derwin Impossible to tell, due to one of his loopy moments.
Jon Started talking like Sméagol.