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The "2009 Memorial Party" was a role-play that took place on the Other Board starting on April 18 and continuing through May 4.

The Memorial Party in HQ was held on the first anniversary of the 2008 Mary Sue Invasion to commemorate those agents who died during the crisis. It was hosted by Leto Haven and his wife Jane at the General Store, which was temporarily refitted to accommodate large numbers of guests.


The 2009 Memorial Party had its share of ups and downs. Early on, most of the guests clustered in pairs or small groups, sharing drinks and stories about the fallen. In an attempt to get things into a more "remember them with joy" kind of spirit, Milask turned on a stereo with mild psychic capabilities and the ability to play whatever it wanted. It decided that "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" was what the room needed, and its choices throughout the party moved some people toward the dance floor.

Leto passed around food and drinks, including several shipments of unusual beverages from the future, then called for a toast. To make a proper celebration out of it, he also set off a brilliant and loud fireworks display, which at least distracted everyone for a few seconds even if it didn't quite do anything for the general atmosphere.

Meanwhile, Agent Deryn searched the crowd for someone who could play the trumpet. She didn't find anyone, but she did eventually find a trumpet, and her less-than-proficient attempt with it served to get people's attention long enough for her to recite the "Ode of Remembrance" from Laurence Binyon's poem For the Fallen and call for two minutes of silence. Many tears were shed, and many words of respect spoken for the valiant dead.

Several agents paired off over the course of the party, most notably Nat Freidar and Zach Homewood, who became a permanent couple and now have twin boys.


PPCers known to have been present at the party are as follows: