The Gender Bender Crisis occurred from January 31 to February 1 HST in and around HQ. Its exact origins are unclear, but it appears that it was caused by Agent Drake with a malfunctioning DORKS in the main continuum and Agent Louise with a TF-Gun from the El Goonish Shive continuum in her universe. For around 24 hours, the gender of every gender-possessing being in HQ was reversed. The situation was resolved in the main continuum when Drake was apprehended and he gave up the DORKS responsible. It was subsequently given to a technician from DoSAT who (presumably) was able to reverse its effects.


In 2007 HST, Agents Foxglove, Laburnum, Stormsong, and Skyfire were sent into a mission involving genderbent Potterverse canons. Makes-Things and Drake subsequently entered the mission in search of a portal prototype that had been detected in the fic. It should be noted that Drake used a DORKS while inside the fic, and that the prototype generator in the Sue's possession had been heavily modified by its thief. The Sue was subsequently terminated and the technology retrieved without further incident.


The DORKS was taken by Makes-Things after the mission, apparently because it had been damaged by "Sue cooties." During the chaos following the Macrovirus Epidemic, it somehow was returned to Agent Drake. On January 31, Drake somehow caused the DORKS to affect every gendered being in HQ. He would be apprehended shortly afterward by a group of very annoyed agents and, after a brief misunderstanding that Lux was in possession of the DORKS, handed the DORKS over. The agents took it to a DoSAT technician, who stated that it would take twenty-four hours to reverse the effects.


It is uncertain whether this qualifies as a true crisis since it was more of an annoyance than a real problem.

Events During the Gender Bender Crisis

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