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The PlayStation 2 version's boxart.

Ōkami is an action-adventure PS2/Wii game from 2006 released by Clover Studios. The game is best known and praised for its stunning visual style, which resembles traditional Japanese watercolour paintings. The game is heavily based on Shinto mythology and general Japanese folktales/legends.

The protagonist in the game is the sun goddess Amaterasu, reincarnated in the shape of a white wolf. She never speaks, but her companion, the diminutive artist Issun, does enough talking for them both. Amaterasu interacts with the world of Nippon through her Celestial Brush, which, as she collects brush powers, can be used to do everything from bringing dead trees back to life to cutting enemies in half to controlling lightning.

A cute little puppy... wielding an instrument of divine power.

In 2010, a sequel for the Nintendo DS was released, titled Ōkamiden. This game focuses on Amaterasu's son (nicknamed "Chibiterasu" or just "Chibi"), who is very cute and just as badass as his mom.

For more information about the games' (complicated) plot, look here and here.

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