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And all those exclamation marks, you notice? Five? A sure sign of someone who wears his underpants on his head.
—Salzella, Maskerade

This series of punctuation and its many variants—sometimes seen as !!!11!eleventyone!!!1, !!!!!!111, etc.—occurs when a PPC Boarder (or, indeed, an agent) wishes to mock the way that fangirls and Suethors write online.

Pearls Before Swine 11/30/11

A cursory glance at badfic reveals the constant annoyance of multiple exclamation points at the ends of sentences. Most of this happens in the author's notes preceding the fic, but all too often the story text has them, too. This is bad enough, but what's worse is when the fangirls and/or Suethors forget to hold down the Shift key on their punctuation downpours, resulting in one or more "1"s tacked onto the end of an exclamation. If this is found in a fic, it is a charge.

Now, if these so-called writers took the time to look over their work before posting online, or even got a beta, they might notice these colossal mistakes. Unfortunately, correct spelling and grammar to Sues are more like guidelines than actual rules.